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sum up of NNOZ 2013

33 days
4,191km (2,604mi)
13,600m up (44,600')
Australia: 33 days, 4,191 km and 13,600 m elevation
Never Never OZsome Tour 2013
Our bike tour via SPOT tracking
Erase me from your mind and your thoughts. Those, who travel the road forget their names and who they are. They embrace the immensity around them and see the bush for what it is, a harsh landscape, which rids you of your identity. As one travels upon the straight road upwards from Melbourne to Darwin, one realizes that no roads were supposed to be even built here. Nature is not asking for us to be there, it doesn't care. However long the road may have seemed, it had indeed an end to it. I had to figure that one out for myself. As with all in life, there are the pinpoints, which we cherish and remember; those points we believe to be responsible for making us who we are. What we dare not grasp is that it is the in-between which forms our souls and mind. The nothingness that stretches for miles and miles is that which lends us time to become who we are and consists of a far greater period in time than the beginning and end. For that long silent haul is what gives us the opportunity to breathe and be human. The rest are but mere blinks of the eyes to orient oneself so we may not lose ourselves completely to the wild. For those beginnings and ends our eyes are shut and we only open them when all around us vanishes as we take on the voyage, the road, our enemy, which ultimately becomes our friend. When we arrive at our destination, it is as though we had been nowhere, done nothing but simply travel through space and time to arrive someplace. In reality, it is not that somewhere which attracts us but the realm of void in-between.

- Jeremy Boissel
& Florian Weber, Mainz
Dedication : While there are many people I wish to thank such as my parents, friends, customers and co-workers there is one particular person that stands out, though long gone. She is my daily inspiration and the only person in the world who would have never turned her back on me, my grandma, Suzon Boissel. She was an inspiration of love and had a bountiful of heart. She was the person who taught me to love and that love is all we have, the most precious thing we have. Since she left us, it is with bitter sweet memories and eternal lessons from her that I continue on this journey. My grandma is also the one responsible for letting me explore some of the world, as main financial backer of tours such as Great Divide 2010 as well as this Australian tour, I have much to thank her and dedicate therefore all my tours, from the very first one through France to this last one through Never Never to her. For all who knew her, you are lucky. For all who didn't, I would have wished you to know her because you may have seen the world a little differently.

Suzon Boissel